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Beer Brewing Made Easy Review

Jake Evan’s Beer Brewing Made Easy is a digital programme that teaches you how to make your own beer with step-by-step instructional guides and videos. But it’s not written by any old Tom, Dick or Harry. What makes this programme … Continue reading

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How to make your own beer

So you’ve decided to make the leap? Don’t worry, it’s more of a step than a leap. The plunge happens once you just can’t stop making your own wonderful homebrew creations! I’ll start out with the basics in this installment … Continue reading

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Common pitfalls when homebrewing beer

Some common pitfalls to avoid when brewing your own beer: Maintain excellent sanitation. Excellent sanitation is paramount to making good homebrew beer. Sanitizer can be found at your homebrew retailer. Sanitize everything that comes into contact with your wort after … Continue reading

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